Academic Philosophy

At East Martin Christian School, we are committed to the development of an accurate worldview based on academic excellence and a Biblical understanding of God's world.  We intentionally strive to develop Christian leaders who will be prepared for any area of life to which God leads them. We strive to reach the mind and the heart of each child in the school.

We provide many opportunities for students to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. A the same time, we also understand the each child is unique, and so the best school experience must be tailored to each child's gifts and needs. For some students, that means added challenges in some or all classes. For others, we present material in ways that are not typical classroom experiences to help them to learn the material more successfully. At times small adjustments in the classroom environment or the academic expectations allows for greater achievement and growth.

Professional Development

The staff of East Martin Christian is committed to continually learning as well as developing teaching skills and materials to improve our service to the students. All teachers attend the Christian Educators Association every year, as well as furthering their own individual training as teachers.  Every staff member has been professionally trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of multi-sensory instruction in reading, writing and spelling to offer added support for learners with dyslexia and other reading challenges.  The staff has committed to mutually examining and improving the curriculum of the school, looking for ways to improve the students' education as well as assuring intentional development of Biblical understanding of the world in every unit taught. We have developed strong curriculum tracking across all grade levels in math, reading, Bible, science, history and social studies, including specific faith objectives for every unit of those classes. In addition, the staff works together monthly on assuring success in reading and writing across the curriculum. 


We are blessed with many caring volunteers who help in the classrooms. Student progress is tracked in reading and mathematics with qualified and experienced volunteers. Others come in to work in the classroom with projects, tutoring, and general classroom support of the teachers. Volunteers staff the library, teach art, and allow us to bring students off campus on many educational field trips every year. 


Opportunities to learn and express themselves outside of traditional academics is essential in the development of the whole person God has  created each student to be. Every student has art class weekly. Every month students study a artist and create art in the style of that artist. All students have music class throughout the week, with vocal music from kindergarten,  recorders in third grade,  and band starting in fourth grade. Every students has P.E., library, technology class and Spanish as well.

Curriculum by Grade Level

Please follow the links below to find an overview of the curriculum at each grade level. After kindergarten, East Martin Christian blends multi-grade classroom with individual grade level instruction. Generally, math and reading are taught in individual grade groupings, while for science, history, Bible, social studies and Spanish, students  are in multi-grade groups. Classes that are taken with multiple grades are taught one grade level for a year, then have the other grade level instruction on the following year.