Visual Arts


Students participate in art class once a week. They discover and study many styles of art along with learning about a famous artist each month. Students explore multiple mediums and styles as they learn about the current month's artist. Every other year a highlight of fall is a trip to Grand Rapids for Art Prize.



We offer a wonderful music program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

All students participate in vocal music. Third grade students learn to play the recorder,

and band starts in fourth grade. Students have several performances each year, and

chapels, which often involve music, happen every week.  Students are encouraged to

develop their God-given gifts of music and have great fun expressing themselves through band, choir, and chapels.



Through a MHSAA co-op, we are able to partner with Martin Public School.  Throughout the year, our students are given the opportunity to play such sports as: football, cross country, wresting, and track & field, and more. 



Chapels are one way we glorify God here. Chapel is once a week and features amazing singing and a lesson that pertains to our theme for the year. Our chapels range from traditional chapels to singing chapels, chapels which focus on seeing God in academic subjects to chapels that help students connect with other students in their family groups, which include students in every grade.

 Upcoming Athletic Schedule
 We are proud of our student-athletes for another year of good sports- and good sportsmanship! 

       Athletic Director: To be announced!